Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Royalsoft Solutions’ aggressive approach to search engine optimization provides client partners with the advanced SERP performance that a business needs for rank growth. Our SEO experts work directly with specialised Creative Team to streamline the research, strategy and execution of SEO programs. Working in tamdem allows us to address technical SEO issues, identify key areas and keywords of organic search opportunity and produce the assets needed to rank higher as well as faster. Royalsoft Solution’s SEO offering provides the flexibility partners needed to get maximum value from their engagement. Our SEO Team can gear the SEO program to fit very specific Local SEO, mobile SEO or e-commerce needs; work seamlessly with clients internal content and creative departments when those resources are available; as well as solve crucial technical problems that may hinder SERP growth.

Paid Social

Paid social media marketing is often the first stop for brands looking for quick results. At the intersection of content and context, our paid social campaigns create new opportunities to engage with potential customers as well as drive actions to make sales to them. Royalsoft Solution's Paid Media team collaborates with our Creative team to produce impactful performance and clean on-brand designs, while implementing detailed tracking to provide a hands-on holistic approach to social media advertising(SMA). We have been experienced working on Facebook Ads and have experienced direct lines of success with Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, meaning that our paid social experts are trained for each services. This special insight gives us exclusive access to new tools and research to ensure that our client's paid social media advertising programs are always driving traffic, leads as well as sales.

Pay per click

We ensure you rank first for the right searches by completing keyword research up front, and monitoring every campaign’s performance closely throughout. We work with you with an aim to produce the most effective ads that get high conversions and result into attracting traffic, leads and customers. We create a landing page on your site tailored to receive the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads. This gives us the freedom to create a page specifically designed to sell, as opposed to serving the multiple other purposes your site was created for.

Split testing & comparison of ads

We always set up comparisons to test the effectiveness of different ads. This will allow us to improve our content and presentation.

PPC Mini-Campaigns

We can target your state, city, or even neighborhood with ads, or set up a small campaign designed to push one specific as well as multiple products or services.

Remarketing campaigns

Reconnecting the past site visitors that have shown interest in your product or service because their chances of purchasing the product are high. Using a remarketing campaign can help grow return on ad spend while increasing traffic, sales or leads.

Proof of ROI through detailed reporting

There are some brilliant data tracking tools built to track progress and make improvements like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC services. We wade through the data and generate a customized and descriptive PDF report highlighting the most important information.

Content Marketing

Every brand has a distinct story. Content marketing gives a chance to tell it and make it special. But with Royalsoft Solution's content marketing services, your story is not just a handful of words written down on a page. Our talented and well experienced writers develop your brand’s voice using strategically crafted messaging using proven best practices, with an aim and focus on quality over quantity. Royalsoft Solutions content marketing services are made up of 3 essential elements: optimized content, vivid videos, and captivating designs. When your marketing strategy is supported by strong content, you’ll see growth in sales as your customers engage with messaging relevant to them. Royalsoft Solutions can craft your story, telling it across all digital medium and even print in a way that resonates and generates revenue through increased sales.

Email Marketing Management and Strategy

Royalsoft Solutions is an expert email marketing agency that understands the value of our customers’ investment. Our customers routinely tell us that their first party owned database of email subscribers is their most valuable investment because they are hard to find. Additionally, our clients understand that the success of all of their marketing campaigns we ran and also rely on email to achieve positive return on investment for those additional channels.


ROur clients previously invested a lot of money into email before they even considered the marketing dollars they spent to acquire their database of subscribers. Routinely our clients are paying for tools and services form their Email Service Provider (ESP) that they are not taking full advantage of their investment they understood that the integrations require expertise, experience and a commitment to getting everything correctly.

Full Service Email-Management

With our end to end email management, our customers stepped out of everything required for their email marketing initiatives except for some they want to provide guidance. Royalsoft Solutions gave them end to end strategy, deploying all email sends, testing, reporting, tracking as well as optimizations.

Comprehensive Email-Audit

We articulate and understand the vision as well as mission of what your email marketing should be, and then we dig everything deep into your current email marketing and conduct a complete analysis of your program. We look at your strategy, creative, process, metrics, constraints, data and at last focus on execution.

We audit each impactful factor in deliverability:

  • Preview and overall text analysis
  • Link diagnostics and live tracking
  • Loading speed optimization in desktop and mobile
  • Subject line selection and optimisation
  • DMARC Implementation
  • Email rendering across all clients inbox

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