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Tools is very important project to manage workings on a daily as well as permanent basis. It has functionalities like Daily expense, Daily reporting, NEFT, Contact and location of client and other important details about the workings in the admin panel.

  • Daily expense
  • Daily report
  • NEFT
  • Contacts
  • Client location
  • Tools search
  • Approval
  • Task
  • Loan

Store module

It is compatible with any device, Royalsoft's multi-store retail Point of Sale software is extremely flexible, user friendly and fully integrated with inventory for real time inventory control.

  • Configure Accounting Dimensions
  • Manage Multiple Branches
  • Items And Pricing
  • Purchase item In (INWARD)
  • Outward (chalan)

Customer relation

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software are powerful tools for a business because it connects you with your direct or potential customer, this is the reason why most of the enterprise use CRM. CRM handles the sales, marketing, customer acquisition and customer service information.

  • Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Reminder list
  • Search
  • Email log

Project Module

Royalsoft's Project Module provides specialized Inquiry followup planning and running projects tracking tools designed to meet the unique needs of every business. Project Module provides specialized Inquiry followup planning and running projects tracking tools designed to meet the unique needs of every business.

  • Efficient and accurate follow-up
  • Converting potential customer to long term consumer in a synchronised manner
  • Increased rates of timely project completion
  • Improved profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Increased visibility and control over current projects
  • Decreased project management costs and inefficiencies
  • Improved accuracy of regular reporting of all running projects


Our Contract management system enables you to manage you to manage all your current contracts of your organization in a safer way. We ensure that your documents are secured and you can specify which user can view which documents.

  • Tender: Greater control over multiple documents
  • Bidden: You can easily find out details about the project
  • Work order
  • Project
  • Finance
  • Approval

Purchase Orders Automation

Royalsoft solution's fully automated purchase order system that allows you to create purchase orders from approved purchase requisitions as well as automatically generate them once reorder points have been reached.

  • You can add new PO details like
    • Supplier
    • Order date - automatically filled or edit date
    • Payment due date
    • Cost list
    • Warehouse
    • Product details
    • Tax code (predefined for product types) and much more...
  • Our ERP's ard totally flexible as well as customizable with modern features such as:
    • Proper & efficient Management of rights and user’s menu.
    • Multi-companies support.
    • Integrated request system.
    • Personalized process.
    • User-friendly software,Well designed screens (lists, search and more).


You can easily take print out of certificate using this module. If competent person gives the approval then you can proceed to take print out of the certificate. We provide following certifications as per factory Act

  • Form 11
  • Form 10
  • Form 9
  • Power press
  • Centrifuge
  • Form 26-A
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Stability Certificate
  • Oven, Dryer and Thermic fluid heater
  • Form 37

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